Cama Puerto is a multifunctional furniture piece developed for use in transitional homes. The object was developed considering the needs of homeless people that share a sleeping room for up to two years. Within this context, privacy and adequacy become essential for a more positive interaction between roommates.

Cama Puerto makes it possible for the user to define levels of interaction or isolation from the environment, also providing flexible constructive units that can be arranged to serve as side-table, storing containers and seating.

The project, developed in partnership with designers Cristine Nogueira Nunes, Gabriel Leitão and Henrique Mattar Monnerat, has earned an honorable mention at the contest "Ideas Contra La Pobreza y la Exclusión Social", promoted by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, on the occasion of the European Year Against Poverty, and was exhibited at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid, 2010.