PhD Healthcare Service Design

Loughborough University, UK

Human Factors in Complex Systems Lab

2016-2020 (Design PhD Students' Representative)


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Criminal Justice Policy Development, DACRC, University of the Arts London, UK


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

RIPEN Project, University of the Arts London, UK



MFA Industrial Design

University of Notre Dame, USA

2006-2009 (Department Representative)


BFA Product Design/Visual Communication (double degree)

Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1999-2005 (Commencement Speaker/ Class Representative)


Main Past Experience

Reviewer, Journal ERGONOMICS

Guest Editor, Journal TRAMA

Adjunct Coordinator of the Creative Industry Area, UNESA

Architecture Studio Adjunct Faculty, UNESA

Design and Research Associate, Centro Ricerche, IED/RJ

Faculty Post-Graduate Course in Strategic Design, IED/RJ

Design Studio Adjunct Faculty, PUC-Rio

Partner and Co-founder, LEVANTE Design

Design Consultant, Memorial Hospital of South Bend

Research Consultant, Communication Science Inc.

Graduate Instructor, University of Notre Dame

Designer, Independent Living Center/RJ

Fernando Carvalho has earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame with an emphasis on medical design and health services; he also holds BFA undergraduate degrees in Visual Communication and Product Design.

Dr Carvalho has authored utility patents and published works and has won many scholarships and teaching and professional awards. Fernando has worked for and with many clients worldwide, having founded and co-directed a design studio for over four years. His professional portfolio contains a broad range of projects that include healthcare services, medical devices and hospital interiors, Paralympic sports accessories, digital design, civil construction equipment, information design interventions, and innovative educational solutions.


Fernando has been actively involved in teaching and research for the past fifteen years, having taught and contributed with curriculum development and administrative work in settings as diverse as afterschool projects for children in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, craftsmen training courses, and undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of design and architecture at Universities in Brazil, Chile, USA, Italy, Portugal and the UK.


In March 2020, Fernando has successfully defended his PhD thesis at Loughborough School of Design & Creative Arts, UK. His doctoral research investigated how Participatory Design approaches can facilitate the integration of Behavioural Insights into healthcare Quality Improvement projects focused on optimising clinical practice and changing staff behaviour within the National Health Service of England, the NHS. Fernando developed an original framework that promotes sustainable improvement by facilitating participatory behavioural change through contextualised, collaborative innovation.